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Captain Trine Storm had always carried an old broken compass that was said to bring luck. It had been a family heirloom for,  nobody knows how long,  and by the look it was beyond ancient.
When chased by pirates she was forced to set course straight into the cursed Evermist, an area in the Middle Sea filled with a thick mist that ships generally don't return from. Coming into the mists something unexpected happened, the old compass came to life. Having followed its direction for weeks the sight finally cleared and the lookout sighted land, just not land anyone on the boat could recognize. A forgotten island shrouded and hidden for eons, inhabited by strange creatures and eldritch ruins.

When Trine left the island she had a cargo full of exotic relics and trade goods from the islands natives, the uncanny Sru people.

A year has passed since the discovery and every week new adventurers arrive to the island and the rising town Turrenco. All arriving must follow the lead of Trines pilot vessel, carrying the special compass. Most of the island is still unexplored, who knows what treasures it might harbor?

Read about the forgotten history of the island here.

How to use this site
Start with the hex map of the island. Your group of adventurers will arrive by boat to Turrenco which is the main adventure hub from which most expeditions and quests will origin. If you're not already using a campaign setting feel free to use the official setting.
Then you can use the search function on this blog to find any hex you are looking for. If you do not find any info about a certain hex it's because its not yet written, in that case just use wilderness travel rules like you normally would.
Everything is tagged so you can use the label menu to navigate to what you´re looking for, hexes, beasts, quests etc.

This module is OSR Compatible and can be used with any old school RPG or modern clones. It was designed with the classic version of the game in mind but with minimal changes can be used with original or advanced rules or their clones.

Encounters are listed in the following format:
Orcs (4) – AC 6 (13), HD 1/5, AT 1 Sword, Damage 1D6

Armor Class is given both descending and ascending values, with ascending values in parentheses. An unarmored character is AC 9 (10) and chainmail gives AC 5 (14).

Unless specified, all encountered creatures and men are assumed to have the same movement rates as normal men and to use the same saving throws as a fighter of the same level as their hit dice.


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