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Captain Trine Storm had always carried an old broken compass that was said to bring luck. It had been a family heirloom for,  nobody knows how long,  and by the look it was beyond ancient.
When chased by pirates she was forced to set course straight into the cursed Evermist, an area in the Middle Sea filled with a thick mist that ships generally don't return from. Coming into the mists something unexpected happened, the old compass came to life. Having followed its direction for weeks the sight finally cleared and the lookout sighted land, just not land anyone on the boat could recognize. A forgotten island shrouded and hidden for eons, inhabited by strange creatures and eldritch ruins.

When Trine left the island she had a cargo full of exotic relics and trade goods from the islands natives, the uncanny Sru people.

A year has passed since the discovery and every week new adventurers arrive to the island and the rising town Turrenco. All arriving must follow the lead of …

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