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Mushroom Table

Roll 1D6

Green Toppling - Tastes good, would fit perfectly in a stew!Foulings - Red, smells bad. Makes you see things that aren't there.Pixie Hat - Looks like a green little hat. Makes you shit your pants in 1D6 minutes. Brownshroom - Small and brown. Heal 1 HP per eaten mushroom. Gives you a terrible breath. Troll Teeth - White with brown dots. makes you forget the last 2 hours. Green Velvet - Green and smooth to the touch. Poisonous, save ore loose 1D4 HP.
Reading this and feel like you have some really good mushroom ideas, leave a suggestion in the comments :)
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Abnormal Murder Ape

They would look like normal chimpanzee if not for the sharp teeth and the weird oozing growths and boils covering their bodys. They are strangely intelligent and do build primitive traps around their homes as well as crude wooden cages to hold their captives.
The tend to live in caverns or ruins, they hunt during nights and they really like the taste of human flesh.

The flock is commonly lead by the Alpha Female, she is twice the size of the normal apes and can become up to 7 feet tall.

Abnormal Murder Ape
AC: 8(11)
Reduction Value: 1
To Hit: +1
HD: 1
Attack: Claw or Bite 1D6-1
Move: 9
XP: 15
Special: Loves to hide in trees or ceilings, drop down behind you and do a +2 Sneak Attack 

Abnormal Murder Ape Alpha Female
AC 8(11)
Reduction Value: 3
To Hit: +3
HD: 3
Attack: Claw or Bite 1D6-1
Move: 9
XP: 60
Special: Loud Scream - Saving Throw or get dazzled, -1 to attacks, for two rounds.

HEX 0816 - Turrenco

(This page will be updated continually)

Adventurers and fortune seekers having arrived during the last year makes up the residents of the ramshackle harbor town Turrenco.
Just like the palisade most buildings are built by wood and look hastily put together, with exception for the small fort and a few stone buildings in the western part.
The town lies in a steep slope and it's location was picked due to rocks that make up a small but effective natural harbor.

Town Key  

1. Storms Fort
A small but sturdy fort put up by Turrenco's founder and mayor Trine Storm. She is a cunning lady in her early forties and she considers herself queen of this land that she have discovered.
Inside you'll find the mayors living quarters, a jail and living quarters for a few servants and the twelve men being employed as the local guard and garrison.

2. The Drunken Mermaid 
The local tavern. Owned by Bardi an old man with a wooden leg. Story is that he used to be a pirate and that his skill with a …

About this Site

Nowhere Isle is a hexcrawl sandbox adventure. I'm using this blog to post new stuff as I make them up so the idea is to build the campaign piece by piece at my leisure. You can run it as is or take parts or inspiration for your own campaign, its up to you.

The stats for encounters are for The Hero's Journey RPG but could easily be converted to your retro clone of choice.

HEX 1214 - The Well of Owls

1. In a clearing you stumble upon an ancient partially overgrown burrow. Rough stone steps are leading down into the darkness below ground.

2. The walls in this ancient chamber is covered by owl statues. Whenever someone tread  the center of the floor all statues start hooting.

3. A giant owl guards the stairs in the far end of this room. The owl won't attack unless attacked or if someone tries to walk down the stairs. Its eyes are huge, staring and never blinks,

Giant Owl Watcher
HD 4 -  AC 7(12) - Attack 2 Claws 1D8 -  Base Hit Bonus +4  - Reduction Value 2 - Move 12
XP: 240
Special: Immune to Sleep spells

4. This room is empty and silent. In the middle of the floor there's an old well. There is no rope and no bucket and the water is about 7 feet down. If you manage to get some of the water and drink it you'll find it tastes remarkably fresh, After drinking the water you can't sleep for 1D4 days and are immune to Sleep spells. When the effect wear off you fall asleep f…

Nowhere Isle

Chased by pirates Captain Trine Storm set course straight into the cursed Evermist. After sailing blindly for weeks the sight finally cleared and the lookout sighted land, just not land anyone on the boat could recognize. A forgotten island shrouded and hidden for eons, inhabited by strange creatures and eldritch ruins.

Spending some time on the island the cunning captain was able to calculate it's approximate location making it possible to return. When she left she had a cargo hold full of exotic relics and trade goods from the islands natives, the uncanny Sru people.

A year has passed since the discovery and every week new adventurers arrive to the island and the rising town Turrenco. Most of the island is still unexplored, who knows what treasure or unspeakable horrors it might harbor...

Hex Map

One hex is 5 miles to cross.