Quest - Alfons and the cult

This quest is a social quest that requires finesse and a soft touch.

Trade magnat Ilario Orso, owner of Orsos Shipping contacts the PCs. He wants them to bring his son back in one piece by any means they deem necessary.
Ilario can be found at his office in Turrenco harbor or he can contact the PCs if he hears that they are planning to visit the cult.

His son and sole heir, Alfons Orso, have joined the cult of the pit and now Illario is worried for the future of the trade house and the family's good name.
Alfons came with Illario to Nowhere Island to learn the ropes and to eventually lead the house's business on the island but Alfons is a dreamer and a slacker and pretty soon he had fell in love with a local girl with a pretty face, Gilda Rulia, and spent all his time with her. Gilda wanted to go to the Cult of the Pit and convinced Orso to come with her.

When the PCs reach the Cult of the Pit Gilda has just become brainwashed enough to be willing to take the leap of faith, jumping into the endless pit. She is planning to do so the next day and she have persuaded Alfons to jump with her. He is confused and madly in love with her, torn between her and his instinct of self preseration.
Gilda, as well as the rest of the cult, believes that they will not die from jumping into the pit but rather - land in a paradise for the chosen.

The cult will not be happy if they suspect that the PCs are trying to make Alfons leave and things could possibly become violent.


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