D6 Random Wilderness Ruin Table

Random Wilderness Ruin 1D6
(If already used, pick the number above the one just rolled)
  1. Old Storage
  2. Defiled Crypt
  3. Sunken Chapel
  4. Mushdungeon
  5. Nest of the Toad Giant
  6. Lake Tower

An overgrown stone building, used as a storage a long time ago. The door seem to have been repaired recently and there are footprints coming to and from the building. This is because its being used as hideout for a group of outlaws. 

Things got out of hand when they robbed a caravan ending up in a tragic bloodbath, killing four innocent civilians. Since then there's a bounty of 100GP per gang members head. 

1. Hallway 
There's a table and some chairs. Two outlaws are at the table playing cards. If there's a fight in this room it will wake up the sleeping outlaw in room 2. 
AC: 5(14)
HD: 1/6
AT: Sword Damage: 1D6
2. Bedroom
There are two simple beds on the floor used by two of the outlaws. One outlaw is sleeping on one of the beds. She'll wake up if there's a fight in room 1. 
AC: 5(14)
HD: 1/6
AT: Sword Damage: 1D6

3. Bandit Leaders Bedroom 
The leader of the gang is sleeping in here. 
Outlaws Leader(1)
AC: 4(15)
HD: 2/10
AT: Sword Damage: 1D6

4. Bandits Treasure 
In here is the things the outlaws got in their robbery. The outlaws have not discovered the secret door leading to room 5. 
The treasure consists of one box ok wine, a jar of honey, 150C, 50S, a mace and a chain mail.

5. Ancient hidden treasure   
Pushing on of the rocks in the ceiling opens the secret door. There is treasure in the room, roll the random treasure table.


A crumbling mausoleum stands above ground. Broken granite stairs lead down into the darkness.

It was a burial place long ago but the the dark magic from the portal deep under the island have animated the buried skeletons.

1. Old Shrine  
Shrine to Nishid, the female god with a snake head. Partially covered in moss this statue looks foreboding.

2. Burial Chamber
A broken stone coffin stands in the room.
Skeleton (1)
AC: 8(11)
HD: 1/5
AT: Spear Damage: 1D6

3. Burial Chamber
A broken stone coffin stands in the room. On its bottom there's a pouch containing a topaz worth 250GP.
Skeleton (2)
AC: 8(11)
HD: 1/5
AT: Spear Damage: 1D6

4. Burial Chamber
A broken coffin and shards from ancient urns. 

5. Family Crypt
One big stone coffin and one small. One of them contain a magic object, the other 1D4 rare items.
Great Armored Skeleton (1)
AC: 6(13)
HD: 3/15
AT: Sword Damage: 1D6+1
Special: immune to sleep and charm.

Skeleton Dog (1)
AC: 6(13)
HD: 1/5
AT: Bite Damage: 1D6
Special: immune to sleep and charm.


Only the roof of this old chapel protrudes above ground. It is possible to dig your way down to the stairway. It's also possible to hack your way through the ceiling with a sledgehammer. Doing this you enter room 1 or 2.

1. Hallway with Murals
The walls where once covered with colorful murals. Now they are crumbled and covered by moss. Scraping of the moss reveals faded pictures of the long forgotten Meh god Niduga, with a sword in one hand and a book in the other. There are two ancient zombies aimlessly wandering the hall.
Zombie (2)
AC: 8(11), HD: 2/9, Attack: Claw or Bite, Damage: 1D6+1
Special: Immune to sleep and charm

2. Niduga Altar Room
A huge statue of Nidugas androgyne head covers the far wall. In front of the statue is an altar once used to place sacrifice. Placing gold on the altar opens the doors to room 3 and 4.
By the entrance there is a pit trap, 8f deep with iron spikes 1D6 damage.

3. Prayer Room 
The door is made of iron, it's locked and quite hard to knock down. This was once a room for prayer, now it's home to two zombies.
Zombie (2)
AC: 8(11), HD: 2/9, Attack: Claw or Bite, Damage: 1D6+1
Special: Immune to sleep and charm

4. Prayer Room
Just like room 3 but with a random treasure in it.
Zombie (2)
AC: 8(11), HD: 2/9, Attack: Claw or Bite, Damage: 1D6+1
Special: Immune to sleep and charm


1. Collapsed Corridor
A broad corridor, the far end is collapsed. 
Mushroom Men (1D10)
AC: 6 (13)
HD: 1/5
AT: 1 Bite, Damage: 1D4
Special: If you get bit there's a 25% risk that you get infected. If infected 1 day later a small mushroom starts to grow on the wound. If you remove it you immediately loose 2 HP, if left alone 3 days later it will detach and scurry off to grow into a full size Mushroom Man.

2. Mush Room
Very damp and filled with strange mushrooms. Roll the Random Mushroom Table to find out which.  
3. Mush Room

Good graces, this room is also filled with random mushrooms.


Above ground is a completely crumbled and overgrown ruin. Searching through the debris you find ancient stairs leading down to a cellar. 

1. Wine Cellar
Scattered ancient wine bottles covers the floor. One is unbroken and can be found if searching thoroughly.

2. Flooded Cellar 
One of the walls was collapsed long ago by a small underground stream. 

3. Deep Puddle
The underground stream have formed a small but deep puddle. Hiding in the water is a Giant Toad, it's guarding it's nest in room 4. 
Giant Toad(1) AC: 6 (13)
HD: 3/14
AT: 1 Bite, Damage: 1D8
Special: Hop 25f

4. Toad Nest
Dirty toad nest with remains of dead animals and humanoids. Roll random treasure


In a small lake is a tiny island with an ancient crumbling tower. There are no monsters in the tower and it seems like a nice place for the PCs to spend the night. 
The only problem is the toad-men living in the lake. At night they creep up from the water to attack anyone who's staying in the tower. If all toad-men are killed the tower will be perfectly safe to stay in from there on.  
AC: 6(13)
HD: 2/8
AT: 1 Bite or Claw, Damage: 1D8

1. Dining Room
An old table and some chairs, a stove that can be made functional with little effort. 

2. Bedroom
A bed, a table and some bookshelves. All books in the bookshelves are ruined but under the bed lies a tome, written in ancient meh and in OK shape, worth 300GP. 


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