D20 Magic Items

D20 Magic Items
If rolling a number that have already been used in your campaign, pick a number above the rolled one. 

  1. Ambivalent Stone:
    When touched it either grants 1D6 HP or damages you for 1D6 HP. Roll 1D6, on 1-3 it's good news, else it's not.  1/Day
  2. Amulet of Feather:
    Wearing this amulet the wearer can fall from up to 40f and not take any damage. 1/Day
  3. Bag of Bones:
    When emptied the bones from the bag animate and turn into 1D4 skeletons that do your bidding. Can only be used once. The skeletons fall apart after aprox 1 hour.
  4. Book of Boredom:
    If read test WIS or fall asleep 1D6 hours.
  5. Crystal Ball:
    Can be used top spy on people in a known location within a mile. The effect lasts 1 Turn. 2/Day
  6. Dagger of Returning:
    If thrown this dagger boomerangs back to the hand of the thrower. +1 to Damage.
  7. Drinkers Curse:
    A bottle of wine that, if empty, fills itself up every hour.
  8. Helm of Nahamxz:
    The wearer rolls all attacks with advantage but have to test WIS at the start of every round not to attack allies.
  9. Horn of Doom:
    Anyone who hears the sound of this horn have to save or flee in panic. 1/Day
  10. Leather Armor of the Fox:
    Force your attacker to attack with disadvantage. 1/Day
  11. Lucky Coin:
    If flipped it always ends up the way the user want it to.
  12. Mace of St. Lamur:
    Normal damage against living creatures, 2D10 damage vs. undead.
  13. Monkey Miniature:
    This tiny clay miniature may animate and do your bidding for 10 minutes. 2/Day
  14. Ring of Heal:
    Heal wearer 1D6 HP 1/Day.
  15. Ear Ring of Listening
    Lets you listen through doors as if you where standing in the same room.
  16. Ring of Silver Tounge:
    +2 to Deception while worn.
  17. Rope of Returning:
    50f rope. It can crawl up walls and tie/untie itself.
  18. Shield of Holding:
    Cast Hold Person 1/Day
  19. Sneaky Boots:
    + 2 to Stealth while worn.
  20. Sword of Blink:
    +1 Damage. Teleport self to a target in sight, max 20 feet away 2/Day 


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