Wilderness Encounter Tables

Whenever entering an unexplored unkeyed hex roll the wilderness table below.

Wilderness Table 1D6
  1. Random Encounter (Table below)
  2. Random Encounter (Table below)
  3. Weird Stuff (Table below)
  4. Nothing of interest 
  5. Natural Resource (Table below) 
  6. Random Ruin

Random Encounter Table 1D20
  1. 1D6 Abnormal Murder Apes
  2. 1D8 Mushroom Men
  3. 1D6 Bandits
  4. 1D6 Beastmen 
  5. 1D6 Adventures (probably friendly)
  6. 1D4 Miners digging for gold (Friendly)
  7. 1D4 Scouts on a recon mission  from Turrenco (probably friendly)
  8. 1D4 Beastmen with two Sru captives
  9. 1D4 Giant Frogs
  10. A lonely woman who claims to have run away from her abusive husband. True story is she's a wererat and have killed her husband. (Friendly unless night)
  11. 1D4 Sru (Friendly)
  12. 1D6 Crocodiles
  13. Quasit
  14. Ankheg
  15. 1D6 Giant Lizards
  16. 1D4 Giant Spiders
  17. Lion
  18. A lost lvl 10 wizard named George, he is old and suffers from dementia. Believes he is 12 and in the small forest where he grew up. (Friendly)
  19. Death Dog
  20. Basilisk

Weird Stuff 1D8
  1. In a clearing lay four dead adventurers, no traces of a fight and no obvious cause of death. 
  2. A transparent man, he doesn't react to anything and pays you no attention. He is walking back and forth like lost in thought. His wears a bright red toga like the ones you see in paintings from the time of the Meh. If you try to touch him your hand moves right through.
  3. You hear music, nice chime like sounds. It's impossible to make out where it's coming from.
  4. A parrot starts following you, it speaks the same sentence over and over: "This island will be your doom".
  5. In a clearing stands two spears. Spiked on the first is a human heart, still beating. On the other a male human head, its eyes follows you and sometimes blink. If you remove the heart from the spear it stops beating and the heads eyes close. 
  6. A glade with enormous flowers and enormous butterflies, their wingspan is about 6f wide.
  7. An ancient ship is stuck in the crown of a tall tree. 
  8. A nice fountain seemingly untouched by time. It's carved with motives of laughing apes and the water i still running. 

Natural Recourse 1D6
  1. Bananas
  2. Papaya 
  3. Random Mushroom
  4. Tea Bushes
  5. Berenga Leaves (if dried and smoked it makes you see funny things)
  6. Brinberries (if eaten its pretty much like opium, addictive and illegal in most of YG)


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