HEX 0314 - Shipwreck

A small shipwreck lies on the beach. There are signs of a fight in and around the ship and there's two male human corpses  in the cabin. They've started to get bloated and rotten in the heat and they seem to have died a violent death.
Tracks lead away from the ship, as if someone dragged something heavy. The tracks eventually end up by a small coastal cave.

1. Campsite
Two bedrolls are on the floor and a campfire has been made near the exit. On one of the bedrolls lies the a dead woman, a bloodied bandage is wrapped around her head. Probably died from the infected head wound.

2. Treasure
There is a coffin in this room, partially covered by dried banana leaves. The chest contains 225GP 124SP and 1D4 Rare Items.


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