HEX 1208 - Endless Pit

When some tunnels on level 3 of the Forbidden Temple caved in this great sinkhole appeared in the jungle.
It is about 40f wide and approximately 500f deep.

Standing near the hole you can hear a voice, from the one they call the Speaker in the Void. This is the distant voice of the Void Crawler trapped on level 3 of the Forbidden Temple. Its voice is vague due to the distance and the magic holding it in it's prison.

It's hard to make out what the Void Crawler is saying (is a destructive force from another dimension) but you get the feeling that it speaks truth and wisdom. Listening closely for a long time you get that the message says you should free the Speaker in the Void. How to do this is unclear.

Members of the Cult of The Pit can be found here at most times, meditating by the pit.


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