HEX 1108 - The Cult of the Pit

The Cult of the Pit is a group of quite confused people searching for meaning in their lives. Having listened a bit too long to the Speaker in The Void, whose voice you can hear standing near the endless pit staring into its depths, they are in different states of insane. They might have been good or neutral when arriving but now they've gone evil. The voice tells them that all, every living thing in the entire world must be fed to the pit. It is their mission to feed it, finding animals to throw in or humans to persuade to sacrifice themselves, with one method or the other.

Approaching the Cult they will act friendly towards you offering you shelter and food. They will try to persuade you into joining them and if they suspect that you're anti their cause things might get unpleasant. 

Right now there are 34 members of the cult. The leaders is the charismatic couple Banchi and Promea. Together they lead the worship in front of the pit every day by sunset. The story is that they have cast their only child into the pit as a token of their fate, this is however a manufactured lie. They sacrificed an urchin they kidnapped from Turrenco.  

The cult resides in the ruins of what once was a great tower. The crumbled tower walls now act as a simple ring wall. The buildings are sheds put together by planks, banana leaves and straw. 

1. Gate
Two cultists guard the entrance day and night. 

AC: 7(12)
HD: 1/5
AT: Spear or Club Damage: 1D6 

2. Leaders Hut
Here lives Banchi and Promea. It's the most well built hut and its interior are nice and cozy.
Under the bed there's a small chest containing 120GP and a pouch of gems worth about 500GP.

Banchi (lvl 3 Cleric)
AC: 7(12)
HD: 3/12
Spells: Cure(Cause) Light Wounds, Protection from Chaos

Promea (lvl 3 Fighter)
AC: 4(15)
HD: 3/16

3. Store Rooms and Stables
In these sheds there's a storage of food, potatoes, salted fish and fruit mostly. There's a stable for an old mule and some hens. 

4. Dormitory
This is a big dormitory where all cultists sleep on simple hay mattresses. There is no treasure here since its all been either confiscated by Banchi and Promea or thrown into the pit. 

AC: 7(12)
HD: 1/5
AT: Spear or Club Damage: 1D6 

5. Crumbled Wall
This wall is completely crumbled and possible to climb through without too much effort. A guard watches it day and night.

AC: 7(12)
HD: 1/5
AT: Spear or Club Damage: 1D6 


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