Abnormal Murder Ape

They would look like normal chimpanzee if not for the sharp teeth and the weird oozing growths and boils covering their bodies.
They are strangely intelligent and build primitive traps around their homes as well as crude wooden cages to hold their captives.
They live in caverns or ruins, hunt during nights and really like the taste of human flesh.

The flock is commonly lead by the Alpha Female, she is twice the size of the normal apes and can become up to 7 feet tall.

Abnormal Murder Ape
AC: 6(13)
HD: 1
Attack: Claw or Bite, Damage: 1D6-1
Special: Loves to hide in trees or ceilings, drop down behind you and do a +2 Sneak Attack

Abnormal Murder Ape Alpha Female
AC: 6(13)
HD: 3
Attack: Claw or Bite, Damage: 1D6-1
Special: Loud Scream, once every 4 rounds - Saving Throw or get dazzled, -1 to attacks, for two rounds.


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