HEX 0816 - Turrenco

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Adventurers and fortune seekers having arrived during the last year makes up the residents of the ramshackle harbor town Turrenco.
Just like the palisade most buildings are built by wood and look hastily put together, with exception for the small fort and a few stone buildings in the western part.
The town lies in a steep slope and it's location was picked due to rocks that make up a small but effective natural harbor.

Town Key  

1. Storms Fort
A small but sturdy fort put up by Turrenco's founder and mayor Trine Storm. She is a cunning lady in her early forties and she considers herself queen of this land that she have discovered.
Inside you'll find the mayors living quarters, a jail and living quarters for a few servants and the twelve men being employed as the local guard and garrison. Here you'll also find the sheriffs office, the sheriff is a huge man that used to be a sailor. He's got an ugly scar across his face and is blind on one eye. His name is Leon Srutti.
Quests: The Farmers Children

2. The Drunken Mermaid 
The local tavern. Owned by Bardi an old man with a wooden leg. Story is that he used to be a pirate and that his skill with a rapier is unmatched by any man. If you ask him about it he'll laugh and tell you its all made up and that his leg was in fact cut of due to a normal infection. Yet he does have a luxurious rapier hanging on the wall behind the bar so, who knows?
They have rooms and food for standard fares. If you ask what meat is in the stew he'll tell you it's chicken. Sometimes it's probably not though.
The rooms are ok but during heavy rain water will pour through the thin banana leaf roof.

3. Thilda's Equipment.
Sells equipment and useful things for adventurers. Thilda is only 26 years old but a true entrepreneur. She keeps a huge dog as well as two human guards named Hardo and Gigo, they're twins and not very clever.

4. Ramshackle shacks
This is where most new immigrants have built their homes, compact little wooden shacks built of rope, logs and banana leaves. The street is not paved and during rainy days it tend to be very muddy. For a hundred gold you get a licence to build here.

To be written... Suggestions are appreciated :)

6. The Trade Houses
Four trade houses have their offices here. They arrange caravans into the island in order to procure trade goods from the natives. They also pay for any relics adventurers might have found in the island ruins. The trade houses do have an arrangement with the mayor and pays tax for anything they ship from the island.
The trade houses are, from left to right; Cenno's Exotic Goods, Orsos Shipping, Shark and Fox Holdings and the Gelna Trade House.

7. The Chapel
This is a small chapel dedicated to Nil (or some other deity from the campaign your running). Two clerics work here, Father Isak and Priestess Vena. They aim to bring their beliefs to the island natives and arrange occasional missionary expeditions.

8. The Archaeological Institute of Trice
This stone building is commissioned by the Moldune Emperor himself. It is imperative, they claim, that this new strange island is properly mapped and it's ruins thoroughly examined. Word around town is that they are nothing but spies for the empire and that, if they find some valuable recourse, the empire will move in and claim the island as theirs. Knowing the empire that is probably true.
Working here is Grand Scholar Rico with four of his apprentices. Rico is a jolly man even though he's old and suffers from severe reumatism.

9. Nice Stone Buildings
This area is by far the nicest in Turrenco and it features a few properly built stone mansion. Here lives the overseers of the trade houses with their families and servants. The road here is paved and usually quite clean.

10. The Lighthouse
A small stone lighthouse stands on the tip of the pier. It's run by Eding and his daughter Nessa.

11. Farms
Here lives a handful of farmers. Mayor Storm promised them their own lands if they came with her to the island. Having cleared a patch of thick jungle this hard working people now supply the town with wheat, corn and potatoes.



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