HEX 1214 - The Well of Owls

1. In a clearing you stumble upon an ancient partially overgrown burrow. Rough stone steps are leading down into the darkness below.

2. The walls in this ancient chamber are covered by owl statues. Whenever someone tread  the center of the floor all statues start hooting.

3. A giant owl guards the stairs in the far end of this room. The owl won't attack unless attacked or if someone tries to walk down the stairs. Its eyes are huge, staring and never blink.

Giant Owl Watcher (1)
AC 5(14), HD 4/20,  AT 2 Claws, Damage 1D8
Special: Immune to Sleep spells

4. This room is empty and silent. In the middle of the floor there's an old well. There is no rope and no bucket and the water is about 7 feet down. If you manage to get some of the water and drink it you'll find it tastes remarkably fresh. After drinking it you can't sleep for 1D4 days and are immune to Sleep spells. When the effect wear off you fall asleep for 1D4 days and can't be woken up in any way.


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