HEX 0513 - The Sru Village

Here lies the village of the Sru People.
Their homes are built of clay and sticks and are mounted about 10f up on tree stems. The houses are unexpectedly cozy inside though sparsely furnished.

The Sru are very hospitable and you can spend the night as their guests if you want. They cook fish that they catch in the swamp and rice from their rice plantations around the village. It actually one of the best cooked meals you'll find on the island.

Every day at noon they gather in front of the big black rock in the middle of the village to chant "Sru Sru Sru" together. This usually lasts for about 15 minutes.

When Trine Storm met the Sru they had a storage of ancient relics that they had collected for some reason. Today nothing remains of this treasure as it has all been traded to Trine in exchange for tools and rum. They really like rum.



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