HEX 0711 - The Forbidden Temple, Level 0 (Ground Level)

The Forbidden Temple is the main multi level dungeon on Nowhere Island and it is a center piece of the main plot.

A few daring partys have entered the temple during the last year but non have returned. They have in fact all perished by the trap in room 7. 

Approaching the temple from the surrounding swamps you first notice the silence. As if  animals and even the wind fear the place. 
Above the entrance is a huge symbol, picturing a black hole surrounded by thorns.  

1. Entrance
There are pillars leading up to the big gate. The two left pillars have carvings picturing humans as gods, lifting big boulders and sprouting wings. The two pillars to the right have carvings of skeletons, fire and misery. 
The gates have the same carvings on them and they've been recently forced opened by other adventurers entering the temple. 

2. Welcoming Hall
This was once a welcoming hall for visitors of the temple where sru servants served wine and refreshments. Only rubble remains of the original furniture. 
On the big wall is a painting of the temple with the big black hole symbol underneath it.  
There is a hidden door on the left wall that is really hard to spot. If you know where it is it can be opened with a hard push. 

3. Armory
Visitors where not permitted to bring weapons into the temple so they stored them in this room. The room have a very thick layer of dust covering everything. Going through the rubble you find one random treasure and a Masterwork Chainmail (AC -5[+5]).  

4. First Altar Room
In this room stands a small altar to the Meh god Nisid, a woman with a head like a snake. In front of the statue is a broken urn where people used to place offerings, it's already been looted.

5. First Showroom
This room served as one of the showrooms where pictures where ment to awe visitors. The ceiling of this room is covered by a painting of a a squid like black monster crawling out from a dark portal. It's surrounded by mages in white robes holding their hands out as if drawing power from the being.

6. Second Altar Room
In this room stands an altar to the Meh god Irkal, a man with a head like an eagle. Just like in the previous altar room the urn before the statue is broken and looted. There is traces of blood on the floor and drag marks leading towards room 7.

7. Second Showroom
The ceiling of this room is covered by a painting of the temple, surrounded by a great beautiful city. Above the temple is a bright divine light shining out over the houses below.
This room have a magical trap, when someone treads the floor on the left side of the room it gets sprung and casts a sleep spell on anyone in the room, all affected are permitted a save vs spell. About ten minutes after the trap has sprung 4 Temple Guards from level 1 of the temple come into the room to drag sleeping adventures down to their lair.

Temple Guard Warrior
AC: 5(14)
HD: 2/10
AT: Spear, Sword or Shortbow Damage: 1D6

8. Third Altar Room
An altar of the Meh god Niduga, an androgyne human figure holding a book in one hand and a sword in the other. The urn in front of this statue is not plundered and contains 5 gems worth 50 GP each.
Behind the altar there's a switch that disable/enable the trap in room 7.

9. Hallway
This room is painted white, long ago there was sru servants playing music here.

10. Stairwell 
In the middle of the room big ornate stairs lead down to level 1(not yet written) of the temple. The dome ceiling is painted like a night sky and the stars are luminescent making you feel like you're actually standing outdoors. Someone with knowledge in astrology will see that the constellations are totally different from our world.


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