HEX 0914 - The Mines

Gold and valuable minerals have been found in the hills, gathering fortune seekers from all over to try their luck. While the actual mines are scattered over the hills the small mining camp risen here have become a little village of its own.

The Mines Village Key:

1. Stables and general store
This is where caravans from and to Turrenco arrive or set of. If you don't own your own carriage you can rent a seat here for 5 copper. The carriages leave two times every day, one in the morning and one midday. You can also buy supplies here, mining equipment, travelling gear and rations.
It's run by Morris Helm and his wife Vena. They have two guards guarding the store and two guarding the caravans.

2. The Gleaming Shovel
This is the tavern where many miners go to spend their hard earned coin. The owner is a half orc woman named Cilla who used to be a boxer and who occasionally arrange boxing competitions in front of the tavern.
There are five rooms for rent on the second floor of the tavern.

3. The Mining Office
Here is where you trade in your findings for coin and where you go if you want to buy a deed to start your own mine. The office is run by a Turrenco official, Trine Storms own cousin Berno Storm. He might be the most aristocratic person on this entire island and openly despise the typical miners and riff raff. He would never have agreed to be stationed here if it wasn't for the fact that he is basically bankrupt, a fact that he hides very well.
The office have a couple of nice lodgings for when the mines have visitors of standing.
A deed to start mining is 200 GP for a 50x50 yard square of land.


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