Meta-plot and Main Story

The Forgotten History of the Island 
A millennium ago the Meh civilization ruled the island as it was the capitol of their great empire. The Meh mages had eldritch powers far beyond that what is known in the world today and as often said, with great powers comes great ignorance.
The mages of Meh opened a portal to the Realm of the Crawling Chaos deep beneath a temple, today known as the Forbidden Temple. They thought they could control, contain it and harvest it's powers but in the end all it did was driving them mad.
Two factions emerged, the Keepers and the Broken Seal. The Keepers fought for a restrictive use of the portal while the Broken Seal wanted to break the seven seals and unleash the raw powers of the crawling chaos onto the world.
A terrible civil war broke out between the factions, a war that would be the end of the whole Meh Civilization. In the end the last of the Keepers created a magical barrier around the island so that no one would be able to find it, a thick mist with magical properties holding the Broken Seal out. This barrier is what today is known as the Evermist.
One of the Keepers created a back door without the others knowing, just in case she changed her mind. This is the magic compass that thousands of years later ended up i the hands of a captain named Trine Storm.

Deep under the temple the portal is still open, and even if the temple can contain most of its immense power, some still leaks into the land above. Weird monsters and plants, unseen in the rest of the world.

The Keepers 
Today all that remains of the order is a small group of monks at the The Grey Marsh Abbey in the north of the Moldune Empire. They have old tomes from the original Keepers stressing the importance of the islands isolation.
As news of the islands discovery have reached the abbey they've realized they have to act fast, preventing anyone from breaking the temple seals. Being a small order of monks they don't have much means of doing anything. They sent two monks to the island with a plea to Trine Storm to not let anyone near the temple, which she rejected calling them old and superstitious.
The two monks are now desperately trying to find allies in Turrenco, staying incognito, afraid that the Broken Seal might still be out there listening and plotting.

The Broken Seal
Before leaving the island arch mage Akuhm of the Broken Seal had found forbidden knowledge that let him switch bodies with other humans. With this power he have kept himself alive throughout the millenniums, switching to a young medium as his current body grew old.
The Broken Seal today are a powerful secret society with influence in many countries and organisations.
Even with the compass of Trine Storm the Evermist prevents Akuhm from getting near the island. The magic device controlling the mist is hidden on level three of the temple. Now they just need to find some adventures foolish enough to enter the temple and break it.

The Void Crawler
Before the war the wizards managed to lure out a Void Crawler through the portal. They created a trap and captured it so they could harvest the raw magic flowing through it. The Void Crawler has been imprisoned there, on level 3 of the forbidden temple since the Meh left.
At first it was completely sealed from the outside world but since a tunnel caved in i creating a sinkhole to the surface it has been able to reach out with it's telepathy.
This is the Voice in the Deep that the Sru have started to worship and follow. It's also what the Cult of the Pit is hearing. 
The Void Crawler wants to return to the realm of the Crawling Chaos. If it can get revenge on the magicians that trapped it (both the Keepers and the Broken Seal) it would be icing on the cake. 


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