Quest - The Cursed Mine

Berno owns a mine that have been going fairly well. So well that he hired 10 miners doing the mining for him as he spent his days on the Gleaming Shovel drinking, eating and bragging about his finds. One day his luck turned.
The miners was complaining that they got troubled by terrible dreams since they expanded the southern tunnel. Awful dreams about a cut off head screaming in agony in a dark room, everybody had the exact same dream.
They asked repeatedly to start mining to the north instead but Berno just would not have it. The southern tunnel was going well, yielding plenty of gold.
Eventually the miners discovered old ruins within the mountain and that's when the real hell broke loose.
As a miner entered the ancient tunnels something bit him and quickly turned him into a mindless monster, a man eating zombie! The zombie plague spread quickly and only two miners escaped  and could barricade the mine.

The old ruins in the mine are in fact from the Meh Empire, it was the laboratory of the mad mage Isse. The goal of his experiments was to bring his dead wife Airah back to life. When he finally succeeded it was at a terrible cost. When he brought her soul back something else came too, a Sha-Glorr with a few of its children. The Sha-Glorr immediately devoured Isse and his now living wife Airah. It ate her whole body but kept her head, keeping it alive for company.

Airah, having spent thousands of years in this prison, is off course raving mad. Confined to her head and in total darkness she developed psychic abilities trying to reach out to the world around her. That is what caused the miners nightmares.

Bernos Story
Berno is devastated, his mine is lost and with that his fortune and bright future. He doesn't know almost anything about the events leading up tho the zombie outbreak except that the miners complained about weird dreams before it happened. But such nonsens can't be taken seriously when gold is involved, right?
He can't tell his father about this, that would ruin the little faith the father have ever shown in him. No this mess have to be cleared up as soon as possible!
He is willing to pay the party 500 GP, to share, for clearing out the mine. This can be bargained up to 600 without to much effort.

Bernos mine is located in HEX 1013.


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