The Sha-Glorr are demonic creatures coming from the realm of the Crawling Chaos. They have no eyes but a bat like sense for movement. If you stand absolutely still it might walk right past you.
They are about 5 feet high and their flesh is pale yellow.
They have weird necromantic powers that lets them reanimate dead at will, the hard part is convincing them to do it for you.
Their tactic is paralyzing their victims and eating them alive. A victim that fail a saving throw against the Sha-Glorrs paralyze spell becomes completely paralyzed for 1D6 rounds.

AC: 5 (14)
HD: 4/19
AT: 1 Bite or 2 Claws, Damage: 1D4
Spells: Paralyze(2), Animate Dead (4)

Sha-Glorr Children

These little nasty critters are often seen near a Sha-Glorr. They are about 8 inches high. Just like the Sha-Glorr they are blind and seem to be using some kind of radar to sense movement. Don't let it bite you! It might turn you into a zombie.

AC: 8 (11)
HD: 0.5/3
AT: 1 Bite, Damage: 1D4 + Zombie Virus
Special: Zombie Virus, if bitten save vs. Poison or roll the table below.

Zombie Virus Table - 1D4
You turn into a zombie in 1D6 turns
You turn into a zombie in 1D6 minutes
You turn into a zombie in 1D6 hours
You turn into a zombie in 1D6 days

As stated above the Sha-Glorr Children always follow a big Sha-Glorr. Killing this Sha-Glorr will reverse the zombie infection and make you you again. Just don't kill your friends or rot too much before doing so. 


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