Temple Guard

About 7f tall and wearing rusting armor these birdlike creatures can strike fear into the heart of the most courageous adventurer.
They are tactile warriors and trained with both ranged and melee weapons.

Temple Guard Warrior
AC: 5(14)
HD: 2/10
AT: Spear, Sword or Shortbow Damage: 1D6

Temple Guard Warlock 
AC: 7(12)
HD: 2/7
AT: Staff Damage: 1D4
Spells: Protection from Chaos(1), Magic Missile(2)

The Temple Guard was, just like the Sru People, created by the wizards of Meh.
They've spent millenniums in the darkness beneath the Forbidden Temple and have turned quite insane. Originally their sole purpose was to defend the temple, today they're just out for blood.


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