The Sru People

The Sru are the natives of Nowhere Isle. Most of them live in the village in hex 0513 but they can also be found wandering around the island.
They're intelligent enough to build tools and shelter and they're obviously civilized. Yet they can't speak or say anything except "Sru". How they communicate among themselves is a mystery.

Once a day at noon they all gather to chant together, "Sru Sru", like some kind of prayer. It usually goes on for about 15 minutes. In the Sru Village they do this in front of a big black rock, some kind of primitive altar.

They are not hostile but rather very friendly and curious about the newcomers. In fact they don't seem to mind if a human ask them to do something. This of course is easily exploited and the reason why there are several Sru helping out with labor in Turrenco and the Mines.
That being said they make excellent and loyal henchmen for the players.

AC: 9 (10)
HD: 1/4
AT: 1 Bite, Damage: 1D4

The Sru was created by the mages of Meh, merging bird with human through dark magic from the Crawling Chaos. They can't reproduce and do not age so the now living Sru are all there was and all that will ever be.
They were created to be helpers in laboratories or plantations and the mages did their best to shape their minds so that they would mindlessly enjoy the labor.
They are lonely creatures and since the fall of the Meh they've been searching for meaning. They've found a voice calling to them from the darkness. They can't make out exactly what it says but chanting to the black rock seem to make it stronger, maybe one day soon their true maker will come and bring them home.


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