HEX 0711 - The Forbidden Temple, Level 1

This entire level is a maze. It's constructed both to keep unwanted guests from entering and to keep creatures from the lower levels from escaping. On occasion things from below do get lost in the maze and wander the rooms until caught by the Temple Guard.
All the square rooms are identical with sand stone brick walls without any ornaments or markings. This makes so a person going through the maze have a constant feeling of being in the same room.

Random encounters occur on 1 on a D6, roll every time the PC's enter a new room that does not already contain an encounter or a trap.

Random Encounters 1D6

  1. Temple Guard (1D4)
  2. Temple Guard Warlock (1) and Temple Guard (1D4)
  3. Ghoul(1D4)
  4. Stirge(1D4)
  5. Giant Spider (1D4)
  6. Shadow (1)

Room Key

1. Stairwell from ground level.
The room is empty, silent and dark.

2. Maze Room
A perceptive person might notice drag marks on the dusty floor leading towards room 5. This is from the Temple Guard dragging sleeping adventurers into their lair in room 6. The door to room 5 is trapped, if opened an arrow shoots straight down from the ceiling. Save or take 1D6 damage.

3. Maze Room
Empty room.

4. Maze Room
Empty room

5. Maze Room
This room holds the secret entrance to the Temple Guard lair. Two Temple Guards are in the room. If they notice someone entering one of them blow a horn to alarm the guards in room 6 and then they attack. Fighting defensively until reinforcements arrive.

Temple Guard(2)
AC: 5(14)
HD: 2/10
AT: Spear, Sword or Shortbow Damage: 1D6

6. Temple Guard Lair
This secret room is a barrack for the Temple Guards on thus level. It features eight stone slabs used as beds by the guard. The walls have carvings depicting the autonomy of the Temple Guards, once used by the Meh Wizards when creating the guards. Body parts and bones of humans and other creatures are scattered on the floor. This is the remains of adventurers from the recent expeditions to the temple. Two adventurers are still alive, bound, gagged and nearly starved to death. Their names are Giogo and Drella.
Three guards are in the room and they immediately attack anyone who enter.
There's a weapon rack holding a sword and two spears. The killed adventurers have left a couple of backpacks containing 100gp and two potions of cure light wounds.

Temple Guard(3)
AC: 5(14)
HD: 2/10
AT: Spear, Sword or Shortbow Damage: 1D6

7. Cave Eel Nest
The Temple guard dug this room to hold their trash. Eventually this attracted some cave worm that made it their nest. The cave worm don't attack the Temple Guard since they occasionally throw them some scraps and leftovers.
Among the stinking remains on the floor there's 200gp and a magic silver ring(+1 to ac).

Cave Eel(4)
AC: 8(11)
HD: 2/10
AT: Bite Damage: 1D6
Special: May strike from cave wall

8. Maze Room - Trap
The doors are one-way and are locked if shut. If someone is in the room when both doors are locked a poisonous gas leaks up through the floor tiles. Every round save vs poison or loose 1d4 hp.

9. Maze Room - Broken Trap
This room used to hold a pit trap but the trap door is broken and lets you see down the pit. The pit is 12f deep and on its bottom a still "living" ghoul is pierced. The ghoul have no chance of escaping the pit but it carried an expensive looking mace that could be of interest to the adventurers. The mace is a +1 mace with gold plating worth 500gp.

10. Maze Room - Cave Entrance
One wall is caved in, dug out by the Cave Eels from room 7.

11. Maze Room
Empty room.

12. Maze Room
Empty room.

13. Maze Room - Trap
Turning the southern doors handle triggers a fire trap, the door fake and can not be opened. The whole floor ignites burning everyone in the room 1D6 damage every round.

14. Maze Room
Empty room.

15. Maze Room
Empty room.

16. Maze Room
Empty room.

17. Maze Room
Empty room.

18. Maze Room - Trap
Anyone standing within 15f of the rooms door when its opened have to save vs magic or get teleported to a random room of the dungeon. The GM rolls for each teleported PC to see what room she ends up in, this means that it's possible that the party gets scattered.

Random Room 1D6

  1. Room 15
  2. Room 11
  3. Room 12
  4. Room 14
  5. Room 3
  6. Room 13

19. Maze Room
Empty room.

20. Maze Room
Empty room.

21. Maze Room
Empty room.

22. The First Seal
In here is a calm atmosphere with nice mosaics of blue skies and green hills, in the corners are nice little fountains that still run with water.
There's a button on a pedestal in the center of the room. Under the button is a sign, it's in ancient Meh so the PCs will probably not be able to read it. It says; "Press to access laboratory floor. Unauthorized use is prohibited."
When pressed there's a deep rumble, the earth shake for a moment, the fountains stop and you hear a rumble as the stone slab in room 23 slides to reveal the stairs to level 2.

23. Stairwell to level 2
The stairs leading down to level 2 is covered by a great stone door, quite impossible to break. It's opened by breaking the seal in room 22.


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