The Lands of YG

Nowhere Isle can be placed in any setting you see fit. This is the official setting.

The Lands of Yg is an old continent that have been the home of many civilizations through the eons. It's wilderness is filled with forlorn ruins and traces of ages past.
About 900 years ago the Scarlet Plague ravaged the lands, turning both man and beast into feral abominations. Many kingdoms and empires crumbled and in the end the sentient races where scattered and decimated, living in anarchy fending for themselves. 
Since then a new world have emerged. A myriad of feudal states, tribes and even a great empire. Most land however still belongs to the wilderness, the chaos and the lingering darkness.

The Moldune Empire

About a 600 years ago King Janos united the small kingdoms and tribes of the Moldune area and founded the Moldune Empire. During the coming 200 years the empire rose to become the most powerful faction of Yg.

400 years ago the Ahm Mineral was found in the foothills of Ahm Mountain. A mineral with the ability to reverse ageing and let you live forever, as long as you keep ingesting it. With this the empire changed. The main concern of the aristocracy is now finding and procuring the mineral. The Emperor Descio have lived for about 300 years which makes him the oldest living human in known history. He has proclaimed himself a demigod, the left hand of Nil is what the believers call him.   
All Ahm Mineral mines are owned by powerful families of the Moldune aristocracy and to this date no stem of mineral have been found anywhere else then by Ahm Mountain.

The capitol Trice is considered the most glorious city throughout the lands of Yg. White tall buildings as far you can see and the home to esteemed institutions as Akadem Alchem or the Archaeological Institute of Trice.

Citizens are expected to be followers of Nil. Foreigners are allowed to worship as they wish but not preach or pray openly. 


Many feudal kingdoms reign within the area known as Namradk. Some Namradkian kingdoms have a long lasting treaty which means they all swear loyalty to the High Queen of Aleed. The sitting High Queen is Byna Brunka, the fifth in the line of Brunka, a well respected family in Namradk.
Aleed is rich from several goldmines and other exports like wine and spices.

The northern Namradkian lands are known for big herds of goat, fantastic cheese and disgusting wine made from sour milk.

The southern lands are known to have great sailors and merchants. This is also where the best wine is crafted and cultured.

Most kingdoms of Namradk have religious freedom and belief is considered a private matter.


The cold north is home to hundreds of tribes and small barbaric kingdoms. Most parts of Rakkenskag newer have any contact with the civilized world, something that the rest of the world tend to be thankful for.
The southernmost parts are fairly civilized and trade with both the Moldune Empire and the kingdoms of Namradk.
War seem to constantly rage between the tribes and it's impossible for an outsider to keep track of whose brother killed whose brother in law and stole whose favourite cat.

The tribes normally worship one or more pagan gods and there's generally religious freedom.


A handful city states dwell in these hot lands, the most prominent being Anarok and Zokai. The Ithin never quite got along with the Moldunes and every now and then they battle each other over land and resources.

Zokais government was recently toppled and taken over by a religious cult devoted to the lizard god Amhuuk. What used to be a free and enlighten place have now turned dark and sinister. Today if you openly oppose the cult they will feed you to the giant lizard they keep at the arena.

Anarok is a sprawling city and the main port of Ithin. It's home to many bazaars filled with exotic goods, if you can't find what you're looking for here it probably doesn’t exist.
The city is also home to the Yellow University, the words most esteemed site for education in arcane arts, history and knowledge.
Anarok is run by a council lead by members of the five most influential families in the city state.


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